age range 2 to 4

This selection of toy age range 2 to 4 years is formed to assist age range 2 to 4 you by displaying toys with in the age range. So you will know your efforts will be aided by not having to search through products that do not fit your requirements.

At this age range some of the children will possibly attending kindergarten and will be mixing and playing with their peers. Included in the selection are some that require other participants. it is possible friends will occasionally visit so toys requiring several players could come into play.

Also parents can take part and this will be a good time to form bonds with your chid(ren).

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

            This multi action product water play table is designed to developage range 2 to 4 ‘put-and-take’ skills.

Dropping 5 round water squirting characters down a clear plastic spiral funnel allowing the children to see them go round and round.

Fill the cup supplied with water and our it down the spiral funnel to power up the twin water wheel.

So therefore turning the Ferris wheel scoop up the balls that spiral down the funnel into the water. Collecting the squirt balls to drop down the Spiral funnel time an time again.

This play action can be enjoyed by several children at the same time to enjoy friendship play.

5 rounds of squirting characters and includes 1 cup.

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Toysery Dinosaur Bubble Shooter Gun Light Up Bubbles Blower with LED Flashing Lights and Sounds Dinosaur Toys for Kids, 

            This novel Dinosaur Bubble Shooter is a fun toy for boys and girls with bubbles ejecting out at a fast pace accompanied by flaming lights.

Assembly is easy remove the cap off the bubble bottle and screw it onto the Dinosaur.

The bubble blower is constructed of clear plastic so allowing to see how the bubbles are made by the mechanism.

3 AA batteries provide illumination to the ejected bubbles ejected from the blower and make Dinosaur sounds. An extra bottle also included in Toy, that is for 3 year old’s plus.

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aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities

                                  A good activity when there is a breeze on a warm day to go fly a kite in a park or by the beach. Your child will get great pleasure with your help getting the kite in the air.

So with the kite in the air your child will delight when controlling it. Eventually making it make movements aloft.

Flying kites is an outdoor activity that will take a child engrossed in computer games, a thrill to be able to control an object in the real world.

As the Rainbow kite is easy to assemble, and suitable for boys and girls. Composed of non-toxic materials supplied with a friendly child handle and flies extremely stable. A durable fabric body complete with a tail for a long life and enjoyment.

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Adjustable Safety Strap, Heavy Duty, Yellow/Berry

             Getting your child comfortable in a water environment the age range 2 to 4 Toddler Swim Trainer is an excellent aid.

An attending adult for supervision whilst the device is in use.

So the Swim sweater properly inflated will fit around your child’s body with the included adjustable safety strap.

Because the swim vest constructed from Heavy duty vinyl covered with soft UPF 50 fabric. The design encourages the use of arms and legs in the swimming position.

Inflates and deflates easily, wash using a mild detergent in cold water, dry naturally by hanging.

!6.5 inches in diameter

Recommended  age 2-4 year old.

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Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case of Colors, Non-Toxic, Assorted Colors, 2-Ounce Cans,

Ages 2 and up, (Amazon Exclusive)

       Play-Doh is now an established world wide product that gives age range 2 to 4 hours of pleasure and ingenuity  to children.

So this 10-pack case of assorted colours a good starting set for children’s introduction to this modelling product.

Play Doh is non toxic compound and is suitable for 2+ year old children and being easy to mould allowing your child to model different shapes time and time again.

It will give the child great pleasure showing off to you their latest invention and you can then praise and encourage them even more.

Please note Play doh contains wheat.

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Toys age range 2 to 4 years

The age range 2 to 4 years is where the child begins to take note of its environment and at times could exerting some chid hood authority. So some form of demands regarding likes and dislike of food, clothes and toys. So some form of agreement on items that stretches the household budget.