Batteries for Devices

Batteries for Devices, the Dry Cell battery is possibly the most use battery used in most Batteries for deviceshouseholds.  They can operate a multitude of products such as torches, clocks, calculators, TV channel changers, children toys and many other products.

Unfortunately there are different sizes and voltages, so this requires you to have a variety of batteries.

Normally when a new product is purchased the requires a battery, the required type needed is supplied unless the article is listed that it not supplied but indicates the type and number  required. The two main voltages are 1.5 and 9 volts, although a larger voltage can be obtained by combining 2 or more in series. If a product need more than one battery it will have a built in provision to accommodate the required number of batteries.

The following review is a selection of sizes and manufacturers of the batteries so that you can be sure of not having the correct one. These batteries have a limited life depending on the their use and cannot be recharged.


Duracell – 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery – long lasting battery – 4 count

This coin battery is a specialised battery for use in general small products the require a reliable long life span. Such as watches, Electronics, medical and security products.

This particular range of Duracell Coin Batteries are Guaranteed that they are free of defects of material and workmanship. Any product is damaged due to the defect it will be replaced or repaired. A guarantee also extends to a 10 year storage life of the Coin battery. This is to give you the confidence that the battery will be available when you need it.

All Duracell coins batteries are in child-resistant packages for added safety.

This product is equivalent to the following 3volt crv3, dl245 and the el2cr5.

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Energizer AA Batteries (48 Count), Double A Max Alkaline Battery

If your household has a large demand on AA size batteries then this 48 pack size is the answer to your needs.

The batteries hold their power for 10 years provided they are stored at 21 C. This means you are never at a loss for replacing a dud.

However should you forget to replace a dud battery in a device it is guaranteed not to leak for up to 2 years. Therefore this means you feel safe that your devices using Energizer MAX.

The Energizer produces the zero mercury alkaline battery available since 1991.

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Duracell – CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries – long lasting, all-purpose Double A battery for household and business – 20 Count

With the increase of t he popularity of battery use in consumer electronics Duracell Batteries for Devicesdeveloped the Alkaline battery.

It is a household name and is widely used in all manner of products.

Because Duracell are dependable and can be used in a wide variety of devices with trust. Such as remote controllers, flashlights and children’s toys.

A guarantee, if your device is used correctly and damaged by the battery leaking. The device will be repaired or replaced.

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Energizer AAA Batteries (48 Count), Triple A Max Alkaline Battery

Energizer’s number 1 AAA for long lasting battery power. 

Protects devices with a guarantee that should a dead battery will not leak up to 2 years. Therefore protecting the device from damage.

The batteries if stored correctly will hold power for use up to 10 years. Thus you will always have power available, for all products, digital cameras. toys and other such digital products.



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AmazonBasics D Cell 1.5 Volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries – Pack of 24

The D Cell 1.5 volt battery provides a reliable long lasting power. Batteries for Devices

Store for later use, the improved design gives a leak-free shelf life of 5 years.

Dispatched with a certified frustration-free package, with a 1 year Amazon-Basics limited guarantee.

A link in your browser: This will inform you how to dispose your dead batteries.

Note: these batteries are not rechargeable.

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Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries | Long Lasting, All-Purpose 9 Volt Battery | 4 Count

This 9 volt battery is more of a specialist one. therefore the chances of most households Batteries for Devicesdo to need to have a lot of them.

I personally only have 2 devices that need a 9 volt battery, personal weighing scales and a smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm is the most important so I do need a back-up when the test of the alarm fails.

Having some children toys requiring 9 volt batteries, the device is used extensively. Then you need therefore to have back-ups.

The good news is that the DurACell 9 volt alkaline batteries have a guaranteed storage life of 5 years. They also developed and designed for a performance to last.

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Batteries for Devices – Review

When purchasing batteries for devices double check that you have noted the correct type of battery as there are so many variations to choose from. Example a AA battery will not fit into a AAA device and the reverse is true. The batteries listed above are Alkaline type, once used they need to be disposed correctly. The following: will inform you the correct method.

The  Duracell – 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery has been included as it is a one time use type battery. Its uses are for particular batteries for devices and if it is a wrist watch requires a specialist tool to open it. Therefore most of us take the watch dealer to replace the battery who will also dispose of it for you.