Dental Hygene Cleaning

Do you brush your teeeh at least twice a day as a process of dental hygene cleaning?Dental Hygene Cleaning

I am sure that most of you will say “yes od course”. What type of toothbrush are you using, is it a manual or electric toothbrush you use for dental hygene cleaning. The advertismants on television and magazines concentrate mainly on toothpaste brands. But the equipment that does the main work in your mouth is the toothbrush. Dentists recommend taking two minutes of dental hygene cleaning to ensure that your pearly whites are something to be proud of showing when you smile. 

Two minutes doesn’t seem long but if you use a manual toothbrush how are you sure. Electric toothbrushes have eventually come up with the answer having a electric toothbush timer system incorporated into the handle. Also another feature is the electric toothpaste with a pressure sensor.

It is well known that water and electricity are not good companions, so are eletric toothbruses safe to  use. They shoud confirm to the water-resistant of the model up to IPX7 so there is no possibility of the two coming together. However the toothbrush should be disconnected from the charger before usage.


Philips Sonicare HX6817/01 ProtectiveClean 4100 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The Philips Sonicare is designed to give you gentle clean a pleasurable experience. With the pressure sensor able to remove up to 7 times more plaque than a mutual brush. With safety in mind it is suitable to be used when fillings, crowns and braces are in place. As a benefit assists improvement of game health and as a prevention of cavities.

The smart brush and handle are synchronised by detection of the microchip-enabled technology. This technology also able to give replacement reminders, so getting a continual good clean.

One registered user commented that the battery life was impressive. Only had to recharge every four to six weeks.

Another was informed by the dentist to buy an electric toothbrush because was brushing too hard.

So the pressure sensor was the answer alerting with gentle pulses when brushing too hard.


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Fairywill Electric Toothbrush Powerful Sonic Cleaning – ADA Accepted Rechargeable Toothbrush with Timer

The Fairywill toothbrush uses the ultrasonic technology at 40,000 micro-bushes per minute.

Gives you reduced noise for clean and healthy teeth.

The battery is fully charge after a 4 hour connection and gives you a reminder of a low battery. The charging connection uses a USB and for traveling an easy to use adapter is provided.

As a member of ADA this product producer works to provide you with a high level of oral hygiene care.

The lightweight toothbrush, 55 grams, is also low in noise. Supplied with 3 brushes hygenical protected with  brush head covers.

The dupont nylon W tooth-wave bristles have blue indicator colour incorporated. This in time fades to inform you when the brush heads need replacement. Together with the Sonic technology the 5 different modes of cleaning your teeth and gums will be revitalised.

This electric toothbrush is water resistant to the IPX7 standard. It is therefore safe to use when showering and possible to rinse with water.

The 507 Sonic Electric toothbrush is efficient in removing plaque. Aids to reduce and prevent gingivitis following direction use. This has the product being accepted by the ADA council on Scientific Affairs.


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Vekkia Sonic Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrush, 3 Modes with Memory, Fun & Easy Cleaning, 31000 Strokes, IPX7 Waterproof, 2-Min Timer for Age 3+, 4 Soft Bristles

No toothbrush review would be complete without the inclusion of a child’s toothbrush.Dental Hygene Cleaning

This electric toothbrush has an animal theme design.

The 3D curved small head with soft bristles designed to fit into small mouths.

To compliment different age groups.

The 3 modes are:

  • To clean 7-12 year old.
  • Soft 3-6 year old.
  • Massage 12+ years.

Designed to be comfortable for little hands, lightweight 2.45 oz.

Therefore there is a safe and efficient speed of up to 31000 brush movements. It is safe being waterproof, lpx7 standard, rinsable in water.

Not to have battery hassle the rechargeable battery only takes 3-4 hours. The battery has up to a 60 day life, this is a benefit being able to use home and traveling.

To get your child used to a 2 minute brushing time, this toothbrush has a 2 minute timer incorporated. This will be sure that the child completes the full 2 minute cleaning without problems.

Using DuPont high quality soft bristles are suitable for your child if fitted with braces.


  • USB charging, flashed when charging, constant light when complete charge.
  • Mode guide: after switch on 3 seconds to set mode, after 3 seconds turn off.
  • Memory Function: favourite mode automatically selected.
  • Best brushing results replace brush head 3 months.
  • Package includes:
  • Electric toothbrush handle, 1.
  • Replacement heads, 4.
  • Protective Bristle Cover, 4.
  • USB Charging cable, 1.

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Oral-B 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, Black, Powered by Braun

The Oral-B brand is one of the well known for its oscillating round headed bristle Dental Hygene Cleaningformation.

It claims to remove more plaque along the gum line than a manual regular toothbrush.

This current model now has the advantage of limiting the pressure you can exert by stopping the pulsating movement. The handle has incorporated a time to aid you brushing for 2 minutes, the recommended brushing time span by dentists.

Mode 1 is the clean each day to remove and clear away plaque.

The following toothbrush heads are compatible replacements for the Oral b:

  • Cross Action.
  • 3D white.
  • Sensitive clean.
  • Precision clean.
  • FlossAction.
  • TriZone.
  • Deep Sweep.
  • ProWhite.
  • Ortho.
  • Power Tip.
  • Dual Clean.

The above replacements are based on a representative sample worldwide of dentists, compiled for P&G regularly.

Pack includes the following:

  • Oral B Professional Handle.
  • CrossAction Brush head.
  • Charger one in number. 


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2 Sonic Electric Toothbrushes 5 Modes 8 Brush heads USB Fast Charge Powered Toothbrush Last for 30 Days, Built-in Smart Timer Rechargeable

The manufacturers of this product have designed it to enable you to clean and protect Dental Hygene Cleaningyour teeth.

Using Sonic technology, 40000 strokes per minute and five different brushing modes. To obtain stain free polished teeth, massaged gums maintaining a healthy mouth.

The toothbrush has a timer system to aid you to make good use of your toothbrush. The brush therefore shuts off after two minutes of use to prompt  you to change your the area of brushing. This has a dual effect in ensuring a long battery life and improvement of oral health.

A full battery charge will provide more the 30 useable days brushing.

8 Dupont Bristled brush “W” formed heads and 2 Pointy picks.

The brush heads are soft for those with sensitive gums and teeth.

The toothbrushes are sleek, waterproof and good luggage items.

Being waterproof safe to use in the shower.

The toothbrush has 5 different mode settings:

  • 1. Strong intense vibration at first with most strokes per minute. To remove the stubborn stains, smoking, wine, coffee and the like.
  • 2.  Removal of food residue and plaque that is difficult to remove.
  • 3. If you have sensitive teeth and gums. If a first time user of the product and testing the settings.
  • 4. To polish and improve the gloss of your teeth.
  • 5. Gently massage gums to improve blood circulation to improve the gum’s health.


What is provided:

  • Black Electric toothbrush handle.
  • Pink Electric toothbrush handle.
  • Sonic toothbrush heads 8 of.
  • Interdental Brush Heads 2 of.
  • Bristle Protective covers 2 of.
  • USB Charging cables 2 of.


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Dental Hygene Cleaning – Summary

Having read through the above on Dental Hygene Cleaning I assume you are wondering what is the best method, electric toothbrush or manual one. Then hopefully you see the benefits of an electric one, so which will best meet yous needs, Electric toothbrush sonic vs oral b. The delemer continues which of the sonic toothbruses is in your consideration is the one electric toothbrush you can buy. If you prefer the Orsl b then you choice is limited as there are not many copies of the oral b around.