Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth are an excelent way of having handycloths with Microfiber Cleaning Clothworrying about is it ok to use. Being different colours they are easy to see and obviouly from the size they aren’t someones cherished piece of clothing. The cloths are apparantly super absorbant so clearing up spillages is made quick and easy remedy without too much hassel.

S&T INC. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 50 Pack

The pack of towels are multi coloured and highly durable, usable for all your household cleaning requirements.

Such as wiping the kitchen counters, dusting around the house, furniture, shelves and pictures.

The can also ne used to detail the car, motorbike, bicycle,  children’s toys and many other outside used items.

When used they can be put in the washer with items of a similar nature, but do not use a fabric softener.


  • Size – 11.5 inches square.
  • Cleans any surface.
  • Scratch-Free Ultra soft cloth.
  • Machine washable.
  • Highly durable.
  • Polyester 88%.
  • Polyamide 12%.
  • 5 colours each of 10 towels.

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Simpli-Magic 79130 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (Pack of 50)

The Simple-Magic are in large convenient size to be used in various locations around Microfiber Cleaning Cloththe house, garden and garage. The pack can be divided and placed in the locations that have the most requirements for their use.

The combination of strength and softness, make the Simple-Magic cloths, perfect to use.

In the following:

  • Household.
  • Gym use.
  • Car maintenance and cleaning.
  • Construction work.
  • Painting.
  • Art work.
  • Children’s Play area.
  • Laboratories.
  • Restaurants.
  • Hair Salons.
  • Manufacturing Facilities.
  • The cloths are lint free using Edgeglass Technology to provide a streak free result in use.

Very absorbent can hold up to 8 times its own weight and dry very quickly.

Scratch resistant – on cleaning painted and household surfaces.

The microfibre cloths are durable and re-usable 100’s of times before replacing them.

They are available in:

12” square.

12 x 16”.

Each pack have 5 different colours – Yellow,blue,green, white and pink.


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MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth,Pack of 12,Size:12.6″ x 12.6″

This product has been reviewed in the United Stated on September 2019.Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The following is a brief resume of it:

They are very good for kitchen and household chores. The important considerable items to observe are the care of the cloths. The microfibre cloth if misused they will soon become useless as cleaning cloth.

Following was found, wash the cloths before first use:

  • 1. Fully wet the microfibre cloths before washing.
  • 2. Use very small amount of mild detergent.
  • 3. No heavy Fragrance of dyes.
  • 4. No added softener – they become less absorbent.
  • 5.Always use a gentle or handwash cold cycle.
  • 6. Dry in a low no heat tumble dryer.
  • 7. No Dryer Sheet.

Observing the above findings the soft Microfibre Cleaning cloths will give you good service.


  • Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloths non scratchable.
  • Free of Lint, Non abrasive and easy to Wash.
  • Absorbs water faster and dries quicker than cotton.
  • Size – 12.6” square.
  • 12 pack.

Ideal usage – Kitchen, furniture, mode and car.


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Chemical Guys MIC_292_08 Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators, Blue (Pack of 8)

The Chemical Guys applicator is used in the motor trade for applying waxes, sealants, glazes and other car applications.

To ensure that the edges of the pads don’t damage or scratch the car paintwork they are stitch two times on the inside.

The applicator pad is constructed with a durafoam centre encased in a 70/30 microfibre fabric that is 100%machine washable.

This applicator will spread carnauba wax or other cream sealant easily in a thin covering without swirls or scratches.

The applicators are coloured and each colour is designated for specific jobs in the motor industry, so preventing cross contamination on automotive areas.

The Microfibre Applicator – Black Premium Grade 5” x 3” x 1.5”.

This Applicator pad is for dressing and protecting the following:

  • Tires.
  • Rubber weatherstripping.
  • Plastic Trim.
  • Engine Bays.
  • Undercarriage Parts.

Parts that are expose from UV sunlight, such as textured plastic trim and bumper cover. They can fade and stain so applying vinyl conditioner with the Black pad will protect them.

Special Useage.

The Tan Grade Microfibre Applicator is used for applying conditioners to protect leather seat and upholstery of you fine pride vehicle. Leather in time will dry and crack without protection from the elements. Application of the correct leather conditioner to moisten and condition upholstery and accessories keeps your car healthy.

Grey Microfibre Application Pad is the one to use to apply wax or sealant onto the car’s metal polished accessories.

Most car enthusiasts prefer to have the chrome to shine in the sun. In many cars there are quite a lot of chrome.

Such as the following:

  • Bumpers.
  • Door handles.
  • Trim pieces.
  • Hood ornaments.
  • Wheels and rims.
  • Exhaust tips.


The Blue Exterior Premium Applicator spreads wax, glaze and and sealant over the exterior parts of the car. It has long cut thick plush pile reducing the chance of scratching carbon fibre, plastic surfaces and paintwork. When applying the paste waxes, durable synthetic sealants and cream waxes. To protect and enhance and protect the perfect finish.


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5 Extra Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths with 5 Bright Colors

These cloths certainly live up to their name in thickness and in consequence absorb more the other cloths on the market.

Made with 80% polyester, 20% Polyamide a double design layer at 540 grams/square metre.

This implies that there will be no requirement to return and use a dry finishing cloth.

Theses extra thick cloths are a very durable, can be rinsed, air dried and reused many hundreds of times.

This makes the cloths a very good cleaning product for all areas wether in-house or outdoors.

Therefore the cloth is safe to use on all surfaces. And so tackles grease, spills, dust and dirt. But be careful and sure not to cross contamination when cleaning different areas around the house, garden and garage.

The following reiteration:

A 2 layer design.

Super soft and plush.

Will not scratch paints and other surfaces.

Absorbs up to 8 times its weight in liquid or dirt.

Use the different coloured cloths to colour code your tasks.

Safe on hard surfaces, dry or wet.

Lint free – streak free.


  • 540 gram/square/metre.
  • 16” x 12”.
  • 80% Polyester.
  • 20% Polyamide.
  • Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Yellow.



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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Conclusion

All useable cleaning cloths are for clearing up problems of mess. That’s an accident or just an accumalation of discarded items that have decade. Of the above review the extra thick are very absorbant but for a small spill may appear to be overkill.