Plant Soil Moisture Tester

The Plant Soil Moisture Tester is an extremely useful tool for all flower, lawn and produce growers. In the house, greenhouse or garden to get the best results from you crops. 

With these products it is possible to check on the your soil to be at its best for the particular plant you are cultivating. Not all plants have the same requirement for the ultimate result, so too much, or too little water can spell disaster.

Sun light also has an effect, some plants like a shady place to grow and flourish, so some meters can measure sunlight allowing you to find the perfect place for any particular plant.

Another consideration is what to feed the plants with nutrients and compost.  So a good soil in the correct position for your flowers and vegetables will give you garden to be proud off.

Classy Casita, Soil Meter & eBook, Plant Soil Moisture Tester Kit for Plant Care

The soil tester can be used to test soil in the home, garden or the farm.            

I expect there are many of you are interested in the best of their house plants or the plants in a greenhouse.

Pot plants can be a problem in the modern  home with central heating or air conditioning.

Pot plant follow:

S1 – Insert the meter’s probe vertical into the soil of your pot. With a large pot get the probe down to root level. With a small pot only go half way into the soil.

S2 – Adjust the probe position to get the dial pointer swings slightly.

S3 – When the pointer is stable you will be able to read the moisture level.

S4 – On removing the probe wipe it clean ready for the next use.

S5 – It is advisable to take a few readings in different positions in your pot plant to verify your moisture content.

Accuracy of this meter measures the wetness level between 1 – 10. Level 1 indicates the soil is very dry.

Level 10 the soil is very wet.

Plant left in this condition would be unable to tolerate these two extremes for very long.

An eBOOK is supplied by email to your inbox. This will provide you with information how and when to water your favourite plants.

Not suitable to test liquids, it is designed only for soil testing.

Included in your purchase is an 18 month WARRANTY.


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REOTEMP Garden and Compost Moisture Meter (15 Inch Stem), Garden Tool Ideal for Soil, Plant, Farm and Lawn Moisture Testing

This heavy duty moisture is designed for use in gardens,Plant Soil Moisture Tester farms and composers.

The meter is adjustable to be able to be read for the specific needs of the user.

It is of Stainless Steel construction with a 15 inch long probe 5/16 inch diameter. The sensor is at the end of the probe. So the relative wetness is readable at various depths of the soil or compost.

So this gives you a reading on a scale 0 – 10 indicating a relative wetness of the material tested.

The instructions to Calibrate your meter are conveniently printed on the  side of the mater also an the box. Please note that if salt is present this will affect readings and salt is not good for most plants.

The meter uses 1 AAA battery included with the unit.

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Trazon Soil pH Meter 3-in-1 Soil Tester Moisture, Light, pH

This meter has there functions to inform you of whether your plants need water. It will also measure the pH of your soil and show you the strength of the light the plants  are receiving.

These there features need to correct for your  plants to make them thrive at their best.

Too much water and the plant’s roots could rot. Not enough and they will struggle to survive.

Sunlight it also important as some plants do prefer to live in a shady region.

Of course you will need to read up on the plant to determine the best growing environment.

You will not need any special skills to use this meter. It doesn’t even need a battery. Put the probe into the soil about 2 to 4 inches. Use the switch to measure one or all of  the three measuring reading available.

So getting the profile of your soil is just that easy.

Do your plants never seem to thrive and give you the flowers or vegetables shown on the label.

So with the soil tester you can determine what you need to do to give plants a chance to perform.

The alternative is to take soil samples and mail then to a lab. and wait for the results. This will involve frustration and expense, and while you wait for the plants will continue to suffer.

The meter will give you the results in a few minutes and you plants will benefit.

Not all plants require the same treatment. Some are thirsty and require watering regularly and others are desert type and live on the minimum of moisture.

Get the three in one meter to help you on desire for a green garden.


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Kensizer Soil Tester, 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter,

This unit has a three in one system, capable of measuringPlant Soil Moisture Tester soil moisture, pH value and sunlight level.

To operate just push the probes into the soil, you will then get an accurate data. No batteries required.

As the product is portable and light, makes it very good for in house and garden use.


Water doesn’t sink into the soil at an even rate it would be preferable to take readings at different depths.

PH readings.

Use only this product to take readings in soil. On no account use to test water or any other liquids.

Set the button to pH to get the correct reading.

Sunlight strength.

The sensor should be uncovered and face the sun

Using the product.

  • Step one.
  • Switch to the desired reading required
  • Step two.
  • Push the probe into the soil to test.
  • Step three.
  • Make not of the reading.
  • Step four.
  • Remove from the soil to clean the probes after each use.


  • The  Dashboard readings are clear, large and have a wide scale.
  • Two probes –  insert into the soil about 2 to 4 inches. This will give you quick and accurate data.
  • Easily used.
  • No batteries required.


Do not try to force into hard soil it could damage the probes.

Do not  use in liquids.

The product should not remain in the soil for long time.

Should the soil be too dry water it to get a reading.


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Luster Leaf 1880 Rapitest Tester Electronic 4-Way Analyzer, Soil

This soil tester has four unique features to assist you thePlant Soil Moisture Tester user in getting the best performance out of your plants.

They are as follows:

  • The soil moisture.
  • pH of the soil.
  • The quality of sunlight.
  • Soil composition:
  • Nitrogen (N).
  • Phosphorus (P).
  • Potash level (K).

An included guide explains how plants use them to make them grow healthily.

This product is also provide with a pad to clean it between uses, to ensure you get the correct reading on your next use.

The  meter does not require batteries to make it work.

The soil pH is to show if your soil is either alkaline or acidic.

Measurements of the P,K and N are to show the fertiliser level.

Moisture reading indicates if the plant require more or less water.

Sunlight is everyone’s friend in the right amount and plants also suffer if the right amount is not allowed to reach them.

This product is designed and engineered in America to assist you gardeners get the best out of your plants.

This meter has large easy to read scales. Simple to use but has extensive instructions included to enable you to get the best assistance in plant cultivation.

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Plant Soil Moisture Tester

Those of you who haven’t got green fingers a plant soil moisture tester will boost your moral when your plants at last give you the results. 

To select one as a recommended best is not our job. But we can point out that some do not require a battery. This is of course is an advantage of not having to worry if your tester appears to not operate if the battery is lost its power.

Bon chance in your plant’s new health.