Your Family Home

Setting up your family family home, agreement on the house and its furnishings meets the needs of you both.

                                    Buying online – delivery – installing

Whether moving to another house/apartment or setting up your family home for the first time. This is now the time when a lot of us consider how the new home will be furnished.


Supervising the placement of your effects in the new family home, having ensured beforehand that all your property will have enough space in the various rooms.


Furnishing your home requires the use of transport, doing it yourself or using a professional removal contractor to undertake the transportation.

The Bedroom

Furinno End Table Bedroom Night Stand 

A bedroom is primarily a place to relax and sleep to allow your body to rejuvenate the body’s organisms. For you to be ready for the next day’s toils and tribulations.

In the event of an accident or illness that puts you out of action for a short period. The bedroom becomes the recuperation room. Providing the decor is of a pleasing ensemble so the recovery period will not agitate and assist you to relax.


Kitchen Area to Prepare and Cook the Family Meals

The kitchen area is the storage, preparation, cooking the family meals.

There is always an alternative, eating at a restaurant, get a takeaway or employ a cook. The alternatives are putting up the costs, but the first two alternatives can be done occasionally for a special event.

Depending on the size of the kitchen and the number of persons it is always possible to have a table and chairs to eat in the kitchen area.

Most householders prefer to prepare their own meals especially if one of the family has an allergy. Therefore eating outside prepared food a possible lottery, of inclusion allergic ingredients is an undeniable possibility.

When children are part of the family home cooking is always the best.


Normally the bathroom will be complete and if it is acceptable then nothing will need to be changed.

However, should you have special requirements it will need the services of a plumber and an electrician to make changes that you require? Can be done when you have your home in a presentable state.

However as the family increase with the addition of children a second bathroom would be desirable to eliminate any embarrassing needs of family members. One answer is to have a bathroom located on the master bedroom for the use of the parents only.



Here you have the possibility of a dual purpose room. Part set up to eat in and a part use to relax in

Relaxation can take various forms such as watching television, reading playing games. There are many things to discuss in setting up a home such as inviting parents and friends. Arranging your next holiday and ensuring that your family home is secure. Having a camera surveillance protection system. The Cameras can cover all the main rooms, also the exterior. They are controllable from afar by mobile phones or laptop computers. A voice activation system on the exterior camera to communicate with any delivery agent to instruct the agent what to do with the delivery.


Computer/Study Room

To have a dedicated computer is desirable for anyone giving a lesson or instructions without background noise such as television, music or other distractions.

Services will require good internet connection power points for all the pieces of equipment to be operational.

Furnish the room to house the equipment to be used so that you can operate whatever you are engage in. To work without unnecessary frustration you will need some bookshelves to house the reference books and computer disks. These items start with just a few initially but over time from my personal experience, they appear to grow appreciably. If you also have a printer some form of filing system will be a very good investment.


Laundry Room

The layout of this department is governed by the number of people living in the family home, also the availability of external drying and airing facilities. The general climate will also influence the number of laundry activities, in summer if hot changes of clothing will increase. Sporting activities can and will produce extra washes, these in many cases require a separate wash.

In the addition of planned pregnancies in the early years, the amount of laundry always appears to be disproportionate to the size of the offspring.

The two main pieces of equipment are a washing machine and a tumble dryer. The latter item should be chosen with care as recently there has been a number of serious fires due to faulty manufacture. An ironing board and steam iron would be very useful if there is enough room. This would stop clothes from being strewn around in other rooms in the house, a folding clothes rack is a very good addition to allow airing to take place safely.


The Cellar

This area of a family home can have a multitude of different uses, in the early years, it sometimes becomes a dumping ground for different articles.

Eventually, space could be take-up as a workshop, sauna, swimming pool, games room, or as a children play area the possibilities are endless.

A portable Sauna could be a possible contender as it wouldn’t require major re-construction work to install. It could of course be situated in another room if the cellar has better use for another project.


Having a garden to cultivate your own vegetable produce and flowers is a great benefit. Depending on how big your garden, a tool shed could be an asset to store garden tools to make them readily available. Some garden furniture in a sunny area to relax on those warm summer days, or to set up a barbecue to entertain friends on special occasions.

If a section of your garden has a lawn that you use to play games on, it will of course require attention from time to time. One such occasion will of course to keep it trim and cut. The problem then, what to do with the cuttings. There are different options, one is to put them out to be collected by the refuse collector. The other is to have a container to let the cuttings and other suitable products to mulch down to compost to be used to enrich the plant growing beds.

Tailoring and Dressmaking

Making one’s clothes is a very good hobby to be able to produce dresses, shirts, and other items of clothing similar to the latest vogue at a fraction of the store costs.

The equipment required is a sewing machine and the accessories that are required to complete the workplace.

An array of pattern and specialist instruction books to explain detailed operations not explained in general pattern magazines.

A simple flat table to layout the pattern designs to trace the correct garment size.


If you are not completely confident in the use of a sewing machine there are some very good books on the market giving step by step instructions. There is also the possibility of a local adult class operating to advise and assist beginners in the use and procedures of dressmaking and tailoring.

Furniture in such a room ir required to store patterns and the equipment associated with sawing operations. Such as scissors, needles, cotton and measuring tools.







Can be very therapeutic as it requires generally a quiet atmosphere if undertaken landscape art, of course, good weather conditions. With portrait art artificial light is not preferred, so a family home having a large window would be ideal.

Children quite often are given watercolor paints when they are young and schools often use them in art classes.

Professional artists will also use them, the artists of old generally used oil paints as it was easier just to cover over old work without problems.

To hold your canvas at the perfect height and angle the correct position so that you can work without stress a product to do this is very desirable. Then when the resulting artwork is to your satisfaction the same product can be used to display your 



Various materials are used to produce a drawing, possibly the most common is paper and pencil. At home using paper with pencil, pen, and ink, crayons, charcoal, and felt pens. With the advent of the electronic era, the tablet has come into use for drawing using a stylus, this has many advantages in that errors can easily be rectified.

Using pencil and paper will give you what certain actions produce. Starting out to draw correctly you need some assistance and this book I recommend as it starts with basic shading to shapes.

The book on drawing is very good taking you from the use of pencils and how to obtain the correct methods o producing shading and shapes.




Cartoons & Comics

Cartooning is another form of art that has two forms, completely fictitious or an exaggeration of a person, animal or object. Some famous people have been characterized, politicians, sporting personal and actors. Many take it as an accolade to them as being famous. 

Cartooning animals, with possibly the most well known in cinema form Walt Disney. In the beginning, the process was very time consuming. Drawing every movement of the film, frame by frame. Now of course the use of electronics has made the work simpler and also a more pleasing effect.


These take various forms in highlighting a funny event, poking fun at politicians or circumnavigating an illegal subject in a comical way. Postcards were a great medium for this type of cartooning and are very collectible. Cartoon magazines and storybooks became and are still very popular forms of entertainment for many people.




Checking your state of health gives you peace of mind that you will be able to anticipate possible problems and get early advice before they become serious. The standard equipment that most have in the family home or able to access to is a  thermometer, blood pressure measuring kit or with one of the latest gadgets that can monitor your vital lines automatically,

This can be a specialist wristwatch that keeps checking your life cycle continues and signals any possible problems. There are pocket-size pieces of equipment, capable of measuring abnormalities in life signs stored and downloaded, The transmitted to your physician.

Summary of the above section – Your Family Home

The above describes the possibilities of the different rooms that are possible in Your Family Home. But of course, not all houses have that many rooms, the idea was to give you an idea of what is possible. So when you are setting up a house, you of course can combine two ideas into one room. So read through the summary and select the bits you want when setting up your house.


The Family Increased by Children

When a couple decides to start a family their initial concern is the increased costs that will occur.

Having gone ahead the new arrival will be with them soon, with modern technology they know the sex of the addition. So are now able to seek out and purchase new furniture that will be required for the new arrival. Often friends and relations donate items for the new arrival.

Baby Equipment

Baby bath tub

The initial equipment required for the new arrival, is some for of bath. Designed solely for a baby, baths come in all shapes and sizes. 





Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Baby Carriers are a very convenient way of transporting the parent and the infant. It leaves the parent with hands-free and if using public transport there is no collapsing to of a wheeled baby transporter.

If a car is to be used a seat adoption product has to be used, of which there are 2 types forward or backwood facing. This arrangement allows a pushchair can be also be transported should the use of a baby carrier to be impractical.

Small toys and other items to amuse the child at various times of the day to allow you the parent some time to do other necessary household chores.



Child development

When the infant arrives at the point of standing and walking holding on to furnitureparents have to continually observant to ensure the child doesn’t injury itself.

With the advent of your child’s first birthday, generally a family affair. The child making efforts to communicate and eventuality speaking its first word with all the encouragement you give.

Then as time passes quickly you possibly introduce your child into a kinder group so interaction with children of similar age. Friendships will be made and invitations to birthday’s and return one’s given.


Commencement of Schooling

Enrolment at the age of about five years old and attend Elementary school. This requires some equipment recommended by the school. Some schools may require some form of uniform, your child will possibly require some form of carrying equipment. A backpack, satchel or carrier bag to transports anything the child will require. Such a lunchbox if no provision of dinner service.

The method of enrolling a child will differ from school to school, so it is up to the parent to ensure that their child is listed.

The first day of school will be a mixture of excitement and apprehension. It is normal for a parent or possibly a grandparent, if the parents are working, to give the child some assurance. Also, the last check that the child has everything needed to start school.

Changing schools and going up the grades.


Secondary school is either called junior high or middle school. Then progress to high school to finally awarded a certificate a diploma or certificate upon graduation.

As children progress to the higher grades of schooling the subjects get more intense. Then children gradually consider what they are going to do in later life.

The equipment required for higher schooling changes and the children requires items. Like, laptop computers, smartphones, special wristwatches, and many other electronic devices.

Having completed their compulsory education, now adults, will either start working or go onto higher education at university or a college.


Military Service

Service in the United State military is now voluntary, conscription ceased in 1973. Personnel can volunteer to join the military at the age of 17 with their parent’s consent. When they are 18+ they do not need parents’ consent. There is however a Selective Service System. It requires all males, aged 18-25, to register with it. This is in the case of war they can conscript this personnel to join a military unit.

That volunteer has intensive induction into whichever military unit they are accepted for. They then receive a good education and trade. So providing they are dedicated military personnel. They will receive a well-paid career